4 reasons you should get fit

Updated: Jan 13

Well when it come to working out love it or hate it being stronger can never hurt when it comes to day to day life. Some people do it because they want to look better or feel more confident or for better health or increased libido. No matter what the reason is it is very important to to workout. today I will discuss four reasons you should workout.


We'll start here with probably the most important of all the many reasons you should exercise. The health benefits of working out will astound nearly anyone.

There is a reason so many people around the world attempt to get fit. The biggest problem with the fitness industry in todays day and age is the toxic community that has developed with the development of the media age. Once you get past all the Gym Bro lifestyle and fad diet hype the true science of exercise is amazing. A short list of health benefits are: increased strength, increased libido, lower chance of heart attack, decreases depression, helps anxiety, strengthens bones, easies body pains and the list goes on.


The second reason is the improvement of sleep. It is no secret that the typical western lifestyle has become increasingly sedentary. It is also no secret that insomnia has also been on the rise in the western lifestyle. The human body was made to MOVE! Therefor the more you tax your body and mind throughout the day the better quality your sleep will be!


You will gain an immense amount of discipline in your life. One of the hardest part of getting into shape and working out is the consistency! to be able to wake up and workout everyday will work on your mental discipline. As a result of that you will be able to get more done throughout the day. It was once said you mind is like a cup that you are filling with tea throughout the day. It can only be filled so far before it spills over and you become over worked. That is the importance of pacing yourself but as you become stronger physically and mentally your cup will get bigger and bigger. The more consistency you have the more tasks, serotonin, and happiness you will have every day!


The last reason I will be talking about today is the ability to gain control of your weight. whether you want to lose or gain it almost everyone has a problem with their weight. With working out you will typically be following a diet and a workout plan. The benefits of this will be whether you are in a calorie surplus or a calorie deficit that will directly change your weight! That will follow with having more energy through the day. whether you are not carrying around all of the flabby fat or you are carrying around all the extra muscle that you will have more energy to complete daily tasks.

Those are just a few reasons you should be hitting the gym or trying dance or boxing or rock climbing or whatever you wanna try! Do not be afraid to get out there and get into shape doing something you love!

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