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I am sitting here at 1 am in the morning when the writers spark hit me. The same motivation that hits when a great YouTube video gets the dopamine going. Comfortability is defined as "The degree to which something or someone is comfortable." I think that is a huge decision in the process of working out or going to the gym. There is so many levels of comfortability that is required for you or anyone to go to the gym. There is a three step process for me at least, what am I going to wear, what body parts do I wanna hit, and how do I look cool as possible doing it. There is a million and one opinions on what and how and where to go to the gym. People often mistake the vulnerability of their fellow man. When you wake up in the morning and see that awesome Tik Tok that gives you that rush. Absolutely go to the gym! There is a few steps you have to take first.


You will not look like the buff guy on the internet in a month. So many unhealthy standards and social pressures are put on us. The process to become big, healthy, fit and happy takes months, years even. The average social media influencer has spent years developing their muscles. Many will follow that up with many more years of taking supplements or drugs to finally reach the peak human specimen that everyone strives for. The first step to being comfortable is accepting you can not and will not look like that for a long time. Rejoice in the daily improvements you can make! Tomorrow when you set a new personal best for a mile run or bench press five more pounds: Rejoice!


"Are you wearing the right clothes? Well how did you go to the gym in the wrong clothes. Shame on you." The self-esteem boost that you can receive for wearing that brand new sports bra, IS UNMATCHED. In the end, it is not the people with the prettiest clothes, fancy new lifting shoes, or cool sports gear that enjoy the gym the most. The people how enjoy the gym most are the ones who went there comfortable and confident. Please never get caught up in the clothes you wear. As long as the clothes fit and do not expose you that is what matters. Go in your jeans, sweatpants or short shorts. BE PROUD of the body you have and the progress you have made.


In the age of social media everyone has seen those cringy videos of someone using equipment wrong. The importance of the exercises you do can only be grasped by you. Now I am not suggesting going to the gym and hurting yourself. If you need help, seek it. People love to help and will not look down on you for seeking help. If you have a fun new exercise or workout style you want to try DO IT. Everyone has different body machines and recovery times. Some many people, including me forget how many different modalities of exercise there is.


Personally I believe that beginners should start out with a workout regiment that includes all types of modalities. If you start going to the gym with a certain mindset and goal set and you can progress in a healthy way DO IT! The easiest way to discover what you like best is to try, Whether you like Powerlifting, CrossFit, Martial arts, Calisthenics, Endurance or any other types of exercise. It is important to try them all. Feeling comfortable in the gym comes with a certain understanding of what is happening around you.


With tying into the last point, you should do a certain level of research before you go to the gym. One of the easiest ways to learn what directions and how you want to look in the gym is to research. All the different styles of training will lead to different results. Being comfortable and confident in those decisions will lead to an important understanding and direction in the gym.


Finally I will leave it with what gym should you be going to. If you live in an urban area, you will probably see a gym every few miles. How do you know which gym to go to? The answer is simple, the one you feel most comfortable in! All the different chain or local gyms will

have their own calling card. Beginner friendly, Powerlifters, CrossFit, in general gyms, ETC. There will be so many different gyms to choose from and definitely some trial and error to it but find the place that makes you feel the most at home even if that is your home.

Be comfortable! And be HAPPY!

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