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Updated: May 16

This is my favorite program for build reps and endurance for pull ups! This plan was created by an unknown Russian trainer and re-popularized by Pavel Tsatsouline in the early 2000s . Created to help their Boxers build up their Latissimus Dorsi to help create stronger punches. If you are looking to double your pull ups in a month you have come to the right place! I have utilized this program few times before to nearly double my pull ups each time. (roughly 6months-1year in between each attempt)

The program is as follows:

Day 1:5,4,3,2,1

Day 2:5,4,3,2,2

Day 3:5,4,3,3,2

Day 4:5,4,4,3,2

Day 5:5,5,4,3,2

Day 6:Rest

Day 7:Rest

Day 8:6,5,4,3,2

Day 9:6,5,4,3,3

Day 10:6,5,4,4,3

Day 11:6,5,5,4,3

Day 12:6,6,5,4,3

Day 13:Rest

Day 14:Rest

Day 15:7,6,5,4,3

Day 16:7,6,5,4,4

Day 17:7,6,5,5,4

Day 18:7,6,6,5,4

Day 19:7,7,6,5,4

Day 20:Rest

Day 21:Rest

Day 22:8,7,6,5,4

Day 23:8,7,6,5,5

Day 24:8,7,6,6,5

Day 25:8,7,7,6,5

Day 26:8,8,7,6,5

Day 27:Rest

Day 28:Rest

This can be continued and tweaked for as long as you would like to do it. I do highly recommend building a solid fundamental strength base before attempting this program as it is very physically taxing. So take as much time as you need for rest. I personally take 1:30s in between sets and Saturday and Sunday as full recovery

I also do recommend having your first starting day being 70% of your max. So for example if you want to start with 7 you can follow this set up.

Day 1:7,6,5,4,3

Day 2:7,6,5,4,4

Day 3:7,6,5,5,4

Day 4:7,6,6,5,4

Day 5:7,7,6,5,4

If you prefer and you have the strength start with 10,15, and even 20! Best of luck and keep improving!

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