Teacher or Phony

The title is a bit aggressive. I surely want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. We all have some sort of knowledge in something. Whether it is applicable to the world is a different story. What I really mean by the title is be cautious of what you read online. Now that is a saying I have heard thousands of times. It has become popularized with the internet and having ability to look up anything in an instant. Typically people(including me) go to the first site they see and blindly read whatever it says. After that we must decipher whether or not the answer we receive is even remotely possible.

Have we let the influencers take over? With things like Tik Tok and YouTube continuing to grow each day it becomes harder to tell what is really good information when tuning into those types of social medias.

There is an easy way to solve this problem! Cross reference! With what has already been stated, you can look up anything with the tap of a thumb. If someone tells you X,Y,Z is the way to build your traps go online and search that X,Y,Z and visit multiple different articles, Websites, questionaries, etc.

The definition of educate is "give intellectual, moral, and social instruction to someone." So why is it we read or hear things we are happy with surface level answers and critiques. Find those who teach in ways that elevate your ability to comprehend a topic.

My advice is when you go out to meet and greet, or visit a website, or follow someone on social media, or anything else. Take some time to reflect on what information you have received and see if it could work for you. One of the best aspects of fitness specifically is not one thing work for everyone and you can do endless amounts of CE(Continued Education).

Teachers can be anyone in life that helps you grow better as a human being. They could be your mom, dad, grandma, favorite youtuber, boss, best friend. We always have more to learn. Who are your teachers?

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