The Power in Powerlifting


POWERLIFTING! Powerlifting competitions are one of the most competitive and fun events to watch. Powerlifting stems from weightlifting and consists of three main lifts: Bench press, Squat, and Deadlift. In the competition you get three attempts at each exercises and the person with the most combined weight in each age and weight class wins! Powerlifting dates back to the late 1800s though it was not as distinguishable from regular weightlifting and strongman as it is today.


With the basics out of the way, Lets get into the federations that run the competitions. The IPF is the most prominent of the federations and it run in more the 100 countries world wide. The American affiliate for the IPF is Powerlifting America. The USAPL was the American affiliate until early November 2021 as it was banned for its inability to follow WADA(World Anti-Doping Agency). The testing by USAPL was to strict sources claim.




Sub-junior & Junior only up to 53kg

Sub-junior & Junior only up to 43kg

59kg class up to 59kg

47kg class up to 47kg

66kg class from 59.01kg to 66kg

53kg class from 47.01kg to 53kg

74kg class from 66.01kg to 74kg

57kg class from 53.01kg to 57kg

83kg class from 74.01 to 83kg

63kg class from 57.01kg to 63kg

93kg class from 83.01kg to 93kg

69kg class from 63.01kg to 69kg

105kg class from 93.01kg to 105kg

76kg class from 69.01kg to 76kg

120kg class from 105.01kg to 120kg

84kg class from 76.01kg to 84kg

120+kg class 120.01kg to unlimited

84+kg from 84.01 to unlimited

Sub-junior: 14-18 years old

Junior: 19- 23 years old

Open: 14-unlimited years old

Master 1: 40-49 years old

Master 2: 50-59 years old

Master 3: 60-69 years old

master 4: 70-unlimited years old


In Bodybuilding, people seem to see a more rigorous attention to form and isolation but in Powerlifting there is a heavy importance on recruiting as many muscles as possible. the more musculature recruited the easier the weight is to move though the bar path. Another goal Powerlifters have is to reduce the range of motion required to move the bar in the exercise. This is why Powerlifters will create great arches in their backs during the bench press. The final point is that powerlifters must follow certain rules for the lift to be deemed successful.


At the competition there will be a chief referee who will tell you when to start and finish the lift. This is because the referee wants to see you control the lift thought every phase of the lift. With Bench Press you will want to lower the bar to the chest and pause the weight till it is motionless and you must keep certain point of the body in contact with the bench and the floor at all times. With Squatting is it required that the knees get past a 90 degree angle with the hip crease going below the plane of the knee and you must keep the bar in constant motion no bouncing with it. Finally the Deadlift, the biggest parts of the Deadlift are that you must not rest the weight on the thighs at the top of the motion and the hips, knees, and shoulders must be erect in a locked out position at the top of the lift.


Powerlifting can be an excellent way to get into shape with the ability to keep your competitive drive going for the rest of your life. the only warning that i must give is that be careful it is addictive and can be dangerous if not performed properly

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