There seems to be this general understanding people have with each other that it is acceptable to complain about all the things going or feeling wrong. Why? To me empathy is a very important trait to have but must end after so long. Do you always feel like you’re complaining about how you are always tired, always have a head ache, always feeling horrible? Having to ability to problem solves goes way beyond your job or where to eat or what to eat or what time should I go out with friends, etc. There will be some basic ways for you to feel better on a daily basis.

1.How much water have you drank today or any other day for that matter?

Drinking enough water is a very tall task to conquer some days especially if you work a physically demanding job. Those are the days that you must drink plenty of water. The basic measurement on the minimum water you should be drinking is your weight divided in half. The resulting number is how many ounces you should be drinking a day (that only includes sitting on the couch all day). I recommend for each hour of the day you should be adding roughly ten ounces of water.

2. Are you eating enough healthy foods?

Who doesn't love a tasty bag of skittles or that Hershey milk chocolate bar or going to taco bell for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sweets and treats are amazing and I am not gonna sit here and say you should never ever indulge once and awhile. What I am here to say though is make healthier alternatives. Make meals at home from brands and foods you trust. This does not mean making a five pound bag of Tyson chicken nuggets instead of Mcdonald's twenty piece nuggets. Have some chicken and rice with spinach, spaghetti with whole grain noodles, a salad with choice of protein, pot roast instead, even a restaurant that sources their food from trustable farms. Making those types of changes to your diet can lead to healthier BM’s, increased energy, less stomach pain, lose weight, gain weight, etc.

3. How much sleep do you get at night?

The recommend amount of sleep at night does vary with which age group you are apart of but that does not change the fact of how important quality sleep is! Typically between all adult age group you need at least 6-9 hours of sleep. Through that time you should be going through at least 2-4 sleep cycles. Each stage of the sleep cycle is crucial to a healthy nights sleep. Without those you will feel especially horrible and for the sake of your time we will go over each stage and benefits of each sleep cycle. Important things to note before going to bed is you should spend at least an hour before bed off electronics. watching TV till you fall asleep, then waking up an hour later to turn it off and check your phone for notifications, then going to the bathroom, then going back on your phone because you thought of this hilarious post is horrible for you and your sleep.

4. How much do you get done in a day?

By sitting on your couch all day watching TV. You can wreak havoc on both your sleep and

diet. Does anyone remember those commercials on PBS about getting out and "play 60"

when we're kids we kind of dismiss those things as unimportant cause already do so much a day. Then we get older and kind of forget how to move for hours a day. When you get up and move though out the day you can increase your metabolism, better your sleep, become stronger and more fit. You do not think those professional athletes you love to watch on TV sat and watched previous athletes on TV and said "wow its so unfair how some people are born so athletic and explosive. Too bad I will never be that good at anything." Little hint, they did not do that they went outside and

practiced and moved. The smallest amount of movement a day can lead to a happier life style.

5. Alcohol abuse.

So many people waste days a week getting drunk. The effects alcohol has on your body can be profound; reduced sex drive, leaky gut, IBS, less brain function, flushing of important vitamins and minerals, etc. Those are just a few of the effects of alcohol has on the body. Now I am not saying never go out and have a couple drinks with friends or never get drunk(as I still like to do it sometimes). What I am trying to say though is lay off alcohol or heavy drinking for a week, or a month, or a year and see the difference it makes for you on a physical and mental health stand point.

6. Drug use

So you have a headache, achy back, knees hurt? How do you solve that? Do you just take a couple Excedrin, Tylenol, Ibuprofen? yay pain is gone! Then it hurts the next day. So you try the same trick. This goes one for years and suddenly the over the counter drugs no longer work. You go to the doctor they prescribe you heavier medication and you eventually become numb to that. One huge solution to most of my body aches is proper foot wear, drinking water, sleeping or stretching! So instead of immediately hopping on the over the counter medicine train try hopping on the internet we all love so much and look up a stretching routine that might help or see if your feet need different support for that knee pain. Obviously there is a time and a place for all medicine and make sure to consult a trusted doctor for guidance.

7. Mindfulness

When you have some free time practice mindfulness. Sit down with no phone, no i

nternet, no music and do some meditation. maybe download a guided meditation app for some assistance. Meditation, prayer, yoga are all things that can be very intimidating at first but can lead to many rewards. It is not often that you get to sit and turn your brain off. Most

of us can not turn our brains off for even five seconds that is the benefits of practice. As you become more mindful you will be able to keep you mind clear for longer. Important tasks will be much easier to focus on and you will notice a difference in your mental health.

Those are just a few things you can be doing every day to help improve your mental and physical health. All of these things maybe be subjectable. Not everyone needs to do these things and may genuinely have some unsolvable problems. In that case, visit a doctor and seek help. Stop making the excuses and put yourself first!

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